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Our publishing philosophy is based on the following three pillars:

  1. Production (Increasing the quality of the game in development)
  2. Marketing (Communicating the games message and locating the target audience)
  3. Sales and Support (Delivering the game and supporting the community)

We provide the following services during the game development phase:

  1. Market and Consumer Insights
    Information and advice regarding market trends and gamer behavior. We will make sure developers make the best decisions for their game based on the feedback gathered from the gaming market.
  2. Design and Development Consulting
    Feedback and consultation about game development. Whether it is design decisions or technology selection choices, our network of mentors are here to share their knowledge.
  3. Product Management
    Helping teams with planning, scheduling and running the development process. Making sure developers meet the milestones in time and supporting their development process.
  4. Quality Assurance
    Running various tests in different development stages to help increase the quality of the game.

Marketing services include:

  1. Public Relations
    Preparing content marketing material,collaborating with the gaming media and communicating the game message via social media management in order to provide maximum exposure and awareness for the game.
  2. Content Management
    We make sure proper presentation strategy and methods are followed to promote the game.
  3. User Acquisition and Advertising
    We aim at finding the right audience for games via various acquisition methods.

In order to make sure the game is delivered to the target audience we provide the following:

  1. Store Management
    Optimizing digital game store pages and positioning of the game for the most effective exposure.
  2. Community Management and Support
    Building the gamer community and communicating with them in order to provide the best feedback to developers.
  3. Optimization
    Analyzing game user data and gathering insight to further optimize and enhance the game and user experience. This information will be sent back to developers in order to help them evolve the product.


Digital Dragon is an independent video game publisher focused on producing high quality mobile titles. Our main goals are to help developers make a better product, handle proper communications of their game to make sure it is delivered to the target audience with the right level of support.

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