King of Wealth
platform: IOS genre: Strategy

You like to be rich? Who doesn’t? You can easily be the richest person in this game.   Start off as a simple hot dog seller and grow your business and make money, so much that you can even start running your own bank.   People will immigrate to your city once you have a prosperous city and will further help you grow your businesses.   Enjoy playing King of Wealth anywhere, even when you are offline, the game will sync with the server whenever you go back online.   Be smart and manage your city every once in a while and watch it prosper.   Main Features: Various businesses that you can select from and develop. Managers you can hire to work for you while you are in the game. Hundreds of upgrades for your businesses. Beautiful cartoony art style. Leaderboards to let you compete with others to see who is the best mayor. Cloud save available to let you enjoy the game on all your devices.