platform: hIOS genre: Card Game

Collect hundreds of amazing cards, trade cards in online auction, team up with friends to form tribes, challenge thousands of other players online and become number one with the greatest card collection! Weekly rewards for top 50 players in every league. Fruitcraft combines elements from popular online strategy games such as Travian and Clash of Clans with traditional trading card games, creating an awesome engaging game that is easy to understand, play and enjoy! You can even play against players that are online at the same time as you and spark epic tribe battles! We love playing Fruitcraft ourselves and will regularly add new features and improvements throughout the upcoming year. Things that make Fruitcraft unique: Things that you'll enjoy: WARNING: Fruitcraft can be very addicting, which is why it took us so long to make… we just couldn't stop playing the prototype… Please play in moderation. Fruitcraft is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as mid range to high end droid devices. You can link your account to all of your devices and continue your game regardless of which device you're on.